‘Free’ Sam’s Club membership: Buy it for $45, get $45 off your first purchases

‘Free’ Sam’s Club membership: Buy it for $45, get $45 off your first purchases

If you’ve always wanted to join a warehouse club but didn’t relish the idea of paying a membership fee, this is the deal for you.

For a very limited time, you can join Sam’s Club for $45 and get $45 in discounts the first time you go shopping. The only “catch” is that you need to use the store’s Scan & Go app, which is definitely not a dealbreaker. In fact, it’s kind of awesome.

To get this offer, enter your email address on the landing page and click Get Offer. Shortly thereafter, you should receive a link and promo code to use when signing up for your Sam’s Club membership.

You’ll have to pay the standard $45 annual fee, but when you take your first trip to the store, use the app and spend at least $45, that amount will immediately be deducted from your bill.

The app, incidentally, lets you scan items as you put them in your cart, then breeze right out the door, no waiting in line at the checkout.

There’s a bit of fine print, of course: You have to redeem the offer within 30 days, and you can’t apply the credit to things like alcohol and gift cards.

But by making the first year effectively free, this qualifies as one of the best Sam’s Club deals I’ve ever seen.

Source:- cnet