Grab a Hulu subscription and five lines for $100 a month from Sprint

Grab a Hulu subscription and five lines for $100 a month from Sprint

Sign up for the Unlimited Basic plan at Sprint and you’ll get five lines for $100 a month. It starts with one line for $60 a month, then a 2nd line for $100 a month. After that, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines are all free through June 30, 2020. Each line is just another $20 a month after that up to $160 a month with all five, but you’re only paying $100 until that time hits. If you get the plan right now and keep it through that June 30, 2020, deadline, you’ll be saving more than $800 with enough lines for the whole family to have a phone.

The Unlimited Basic plan offers so much more than that, too. For example, you’ll get a Hulu limited commercials subscription plan. That’s already $5.99 a month free for you, so you can either end your current subscription and save that money or just start using Hulu if you haven’t before.

Plus you’ll get 500MB of data per line per month that you can use a mobile hotspot, along with unlimited data at 3G speeds. The video streaming options work up to 480p for video, up to 2 mbps for gaming, and up to 500 kbps for music.

With the Unlimited Basic plan, you can bring a phone you already own. Or you can buy or lease a new phone. You can even use it with Sprint’s Flex Lease that lets you upgrade to new phones every 18 months. We’ve seen deals on the newest smartphones applied to the Flex lease, so that’s just even more savings for you. Most of the phones sold by Sprint are eligible for this plan, including Apple’s newest like the iPhone Xs Max, and Android’s newest like the Galaxy S10+. Whatever you want, Sprint has it.

This deal is only available to new customers switching to Sprint. If you’re already on Sprint you can get the Unlimited Basic plan, too, but you’ll pay regular rates.

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