The 10 best Walmart deals you can get right now

The 10 best Walmart deals you can get right now

Walmart is our go-to stop for competitive prices on everything from basic beauty products to that kitchen gadget you’ve been eyeing. But between rollbacks and seemingly lower prices than usual, it can be hard to tell if something is actually a good deal against its competitors.

That’s where we come in. Throughout the year we not only test hundreds of products, but we deal hunt for them, so we know when something is actually a good deal. Plus, we’ll also comparison shop and take out the heavy digging for you, so you can buy with a little more confidence. Here are the 10 best deals we found at Walmart this week.

1. Under $20: The best laundry detergent at its best price

A leading laundry detergent in Europe was once a Walmart exclusive in the States, and now they've got the best price anywhere.

Calm down, Gronk. We’re not talking about Tide Pods. In fact, the best laundry detergent is from a company you might not have heard of before: Persil. How do we know? We put it and all the popular options to the test, quite literally. Persil blew the competition out of the sudsy waters to be named the Best Laundry Detergent.

Right now you can get a 96-load jug of the good stuff in Original or Intense Fresh scents for just under $16, marking the best price we’ve ever see and a steep drop compared to Amazon’s $23 asking price for the same stuff. This detergent removed 2% more stains than the ever-popular Tide, something you might not notice in a side-by-side comparison but will definitely see as you wash your clothes over time.

2. Under $20: The best affordable space heater at its lowest price

The best affordable space heater is even more affordable right now.

Winter is tough if you run cold or if your heating bills skyrocket when you try to keep your home a livable temperature. No matter which camp you fall in, a space heater can make the coldest months of the year more tolerable.

Right now, you can get the best affordable space heater we’ve tested for its best price. It typically costs around $30, so we’re pretty excited to see it dip below the $20 mark. We loved that this little heater packed a real heat punch for its small size, and that it weighs next to nothing (under 4 lbs.) so it’s easy to move from room to room. That last feature is a must since this little guy is meant for a single person rather than a whole room.

3. Under $450: Xbox One bundles

Save on both the console and game you want.

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your gaming console, now may be the time to do so. Right now, Walmart is discounting Xbox One bundles by $50. That means you can get an Xbox One X bundle for $450 or an Xbox One S bundle for $250. That’s just $50 more than the huge discounts we saw during the holidays.

For the One X bundles, you can choose from Fallout 76 and Metro Saga. If you’d prefer to spend less, the One S bundles include Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, and Anthem, Playerunknown’s Battleground, NBA 2K19, and Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels.

4. Under $25: An amazing hair care product for color-treated hair

This once-a-week treatment can restore shine and moisture to your color-treated hair.

Whether you’re covering grays, adding subtle highlights, or going full-blown Cindy Lauper in the ’80s, I have some hopefully not-shocking news. Your hair is not built to withstand that kind of treatment without some sort of countermeasures to keep it healthy. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is a fantastic at-home hair care option for anyone who color treats their tresses. It’s a once-weekly deep conditioning treatment that restores moisture and helps keep your locks shiny and vibrant between salon visits. Right now, you can get it for just over $20, a price you’ll never see if you buy it directly from your salon.

5. Under $100: A highly rated upright vacuum for pet owners

This is a great budget buy for pet owners.

We test a lot of vacuums here at Reviewed, and Bissell’s models always perform well, so while we haven’t tested this one yet, the sub-$100 price tag and brand track record have us psyched about this deal. The Bissell CleanView is our top pick for affordable bagless upright vacuums, and our vacuum expert Jon Chan tells me this model has everything the CleanView offers, and in some cases, its tech is even better. Plus, it has a retractable power cord, a feature not enough plug-in devices have.

The Pet vacuum is, obviously, designed to handle a house filled with fur and dander. It’s also $20 cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon. Amazon’s stock is back-ordered anyway, and if you order from Walmart you can pick up your new vacuum as soon as today.

6. Under $20: A cult favorite makeup sponge

This makeup sponge will last you a while.

Anyone who uses liquid foundation or loves contouring knows that a makeup sponge is essential. While a big bag of disposable sponges is relatively cheap, you end up spending a bit of money over time and they’re not the most sustainable option. When we tested the cult favorite beautyblender, we were blown away by how the oval-shaped easily fit the contours of our face. Plus, it should last you three months with proper cleaning and right now, you can knock $3 off the original $20 price tag.

7. Under $200: A robot vacuum that’s perfect for pets

Stop worrying about pet hair at a great price.

Let’s be honest: We absolutely love our pets, but we absolutely don’t love constantly cleaning up after them. While we could vacuum every day to clean up all their hair, it does get tedious after a while. Thankfully, some robot vacuums are designed with animals in mind to actually get your floors cleaned.

The Eufy Robovac 11c has a wide rolling brush and two side brushes along with Boost IQ technology that increases suction power to suck up more pet fur and dander from your floors. And with WiFi connectivity, it’s controllable with a smartphone app so you can start it up even if you’re not home. Right now it’s $90 less than usual, making it a great time to buy and help clean up all the shedding….Read More>>>

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