These are the 5 best Amazon deals right now

These are the 5 best Amazon deals right now

Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway through the week, but some of us may need a little distraction to get through the rest of the week. My go-to is online shopping—and what’s even better is saving while you do so.

Amazon offers a ton of products and services, and each and every day we go through and find some of the best deals they offer. Through price tracking and testing, we’re able to determine what’s a good deal—and what’s a terrible one. Here are the best deals we found this Wednesday.

1. A foam roller to ease your aching muscles

Roll out so you can actually walk again.

During the new year, most of us find ourselves in the gym for maybe the first time in a year. No judgment, though. But if you’re already feeling the pain of working out again, you might want to get a foam roller to ease those aching muscles.

This one from Gaiam is one of the best foam rollers we’ve ever tested. It’s pretty basic, but it gets the job done—although it did seem a little flimsier than some of the other foam rollers we tested. Right now, it’s down to its second lowest price, making it a good time to invest in one.

Get the Gaiam Restore Total Body Foam Roller for $18.95 (Save $9)

2. A cast iron skillet that doubles as a Dutch oven

This is more than just a skillet.

We love Lodge cookware. In fact, they make the best cast iron skillets we’ve ever tested. But if you want a little more out of your typical skillet, this two-piece set works as a skillet, fryer, and Dutch oven. You can use each piece individually, but when you put them together and you have a nice pot. Pretty cool, right? Right now, you can get it for under $30, which is like getting two skillets for the price of one.

Get the Lodge 3 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker for $26.99 (Save $8)

3. A USB-C adapter for a new computer

Finally connect your computer to your devices.

If you were lucky enough to get a new computer like the latest MacBook, you’ve probably noticed that there are no USB ports. It may not seem like that big of a deal considering most devices will switch to USB-C in the next few years, but if you want to plug in your phone, SD card, or another device, then you’re going to need an adapter. This one from Anker has 2 ports for USB, an SD card reader, and an HDMI cord, so you can connect all sorts of things to your laptop. It’s already on sale for $35, but you can save another $10 with the code “AKCHUB34.”

Get the Anker 5-in-1 USB C Adapter for $25.99 (Save $20) with the code “AKCHUB34.”

4. Our favorite nonstick pan for its lowest price

Cook dinner with the best.

Whether you’re making scrambled eggs or whipping up a stir fry, you’re going to need a good nonstick pan to do so. This one from Calphalon is the best nonstick pan we’ve ever tested. Our tester loved it because it made flipping eggs a breeze and whatever they cooked on it slid off easily. Right now, you can get it for less than $30. At this price, it’s a great option to replace your old scratched up pans from college.

Get the Calphalon 10-In. Nonstick Fry Pan for $27.49 (Save $7.46)

5. The best fitness tracker at its second best price

Track your way to your fitness goals.

After getting a new Fitbit Charge 3, I am fully back on my tracking grind. There’s something about having constant reminders to move and step goals to reach that gets me off my butt and into the gym to get some movement in after sitting all day. This is especially true since learning how little I actually move in the office. A tracker may be the extra motivation you need to actually complete your resolutions and crush your fitness goals.

The Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker we’ve ever tested, making a few improvements on the Charge 2, our previous favorite. The 3 is fully waterproof, looks super fashionable, and its battery lasts over a week. Right now, it’s down to its second lowest price on Amazon.

Get the Fitbit Charge 3 for $129.95 (Save $20)….

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