These are the 5 best Amazon deals you can get right now

These are the 5 best Amazon deals you can get right now

With just seven days left until Thanksgiving, retailers everywhere are cranking out early Black Friday deals. In my experience, the majority of these deals tend to be just as good as those you’ll find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Plus, if you shop these deals, you can either sit back and relax with a big plate of leftovers on Friday or be even more strategic in how you shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon tends to be a great go-to for deals all year long, but November brings a tidal wave of deeper discounts and rare sales. We at Reviewed spend countless hours testing all sorts of products to help you find and buy only the best stuff, and we apply that expertise to finding the best deals among the massive selection. Here are the top five offers on Thursday, Nov. 15.

1. Lowest price: The best convection oven (and air fryer)

This one oven can cook, bake, toast, and even air fry.

We love the Breville Smart Oven for so many reasons. Right now, the No. 1 reason is that this typically $270 convection oven is on sale for the lowest price we’ve seen. We named the Smart Oven the best toaster oven we’ve ever tested, since it basically functions as a smaller oven while still making perfectly crispy toast. It’s good for small tasks like roasting veggies or cooking a frozen pizza while your bigger oven is occupied.

2. Under $100: Our favorite smart bulbs

Hue lights transform your home into a wonderland.

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs at your house, I have one question. Why? They burn out way too fast, use too much energy, and get crazy hot, which sucks if you need to change one right after it dies. LED bulbs, on the other hand, don’t get hot, last for literally years, and are way more energy efficient. And these LED bulbs in particular are even more amazing because you can control them with your phone or your smart assistant (Google, Apple, or Amazon all work).

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs are the best smart lighting option out there. I’ve had Hue bulbs in my house for nearly 5 years and we haven’t had a single bulb die. Plus, you can choose any color you could ever want, whether you want a traditional warm white, a cool white, or maybe red or green or purple. Hue lights do it all, and right now you can get a starter kit with two bulbs and the bridge for $100, $50 less than usual. From there, you can add up to 50 lights to the bridge, so you can cover the whole home.

3. Lowest price: The best TV of 2018

This gorgeous TV is the best of the year and it's on

We test a lot of TVs here are Reviewed. Well, OK, our TV expert tests a lot of TVs and the rest of us ooh and ahh over the nicest ones. The LG C8 got a lot of attention after our expert put it through all sorts of lab tests and real-world trials and said it’s the best TV he’s ever seen. He also liked LG’S higher-end E8 model ($2,300 on Amazon), but the C8’s combination of quality and price made it vastly superior in our book. Right now, the originally $2,500 TV discounted to $1,700, matching the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon or at Massdrop.

4. Best price: Our favorite electric tea kettle

Keep the in-laws happy with quick and perfect cups

If you boil water, you need this kettle. There, I said it. Not only is it the best electric kettle we’ve tested, but it’s my personal favorite. I had one once and replaced it with a lesser quality kettle and have been miserable since. Right now, Cuisinart has discounted the PerfecTemp kettle to the lowest price we’ve ever seen, so don’t miss your chance to score this usually $90 appliance for just over $60.

5. Under $20: One of the best travel mugs

A gorgeous mug for coffee on-the-go.

If you commute to work, whether you drive or take a train, having a cup of coffee in tow can make the experience much better. But disposable cups from the shop down the street don’t keep your drink warm for the whole ride. Plus, you have to hold them the whole time, which makes it hard to read your Kindle or scroll through Facebook.

These Contigo mugs are the best affordable travel mugs we’ve ever tested because they keep drinks hot for hours and hours, and they don’t leak so you can toss your coffee in your bag if you don’t want to carry it the whole way. The matte black is my personal favorite option, and it hadn’t gone on sale all year until now.

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